​​​Yoga by Misty 
Misty has spent over 14 years studying Martial Arts and Yoga to create a perfect balance of practice. If you study both or just one you will benefit from her teaching. Each art consist of movements that synchronize with your breath to ignite energy for healing, power and strength. Each student will learn body awareness, control and self confidence.This System is called Tai Ki Yoga and is founded by Misty & Willie Calhoun. Classes are offered to adults and children. 

Each Yoga class has a different purpose and focus depending on the intention of the class and the student. Beginners are welcome to any class. Some intentions are taught daily and others are done through workshops and private lessons.

Mindful practices bring more thought into each pose. You want to use your breath to dig deeper and really discover what is happening through your body.

Sculpting intentions strengthen the whole body. Your goal during practice is to wake up every muscle and use them to hold each pose for up to 5 to 10 breaths. You will gain strength and endurance while learning to control your breathing.

Flowing is so important in every Yoga class. Learning to will move with your breath will help you to understand yoga and your body much better. Flowing builds great body awareness and healing.

Power adds energy to your workout and offers challenges that can be done by beginners too. This is great for athletes and those wanting to take their practice to the next level. Be prepared to work hard!

Balancing teaches you to balance your minds, breath and body. We will focus on relaxing our thoughts to be clear minded through each pose. Each class you will notice your muscles have more strength and more endurance to hold. As you become more advanced you will learn some really fun stuff! We practice balancing poses in each class!

Awakening is a morning intention that focuses on the whole body and all aspects of the art. This class will leave you feeling energized and ready for the day. We will wake up our bodies with sun salutations, flow through various stretches to gain balance, and use relaxation posses to focus our minds for the day.

Namaste is an evening intention that focuses on the whole body and all aspects of the art.This class uses sun salutation for a warm up, deep stretching to improve flexibility, powerful poses to gain strength and endurance, and relaxation poses to cool down. End your day with this class and feel great for the evening.

Gentle Yoga is a gentle class that will help you understand the foundation of our yoga practice. To fulling align the body you need to start at the base of the spine and work your up. This class will get you grounded , understand your breath and help you reach a high level of practice. 


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